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We have had some brilliant responses to our call out for vox pops, an integral part to the Seeking the Aether project. Hearing the 'voice of the people' has helped to stir up conversation in the process of creating Seeking the Aether and we have really enjoyed bringing different people's perspectives into the work.

This whole project was inspired by human relationships with the elements, so incorporating different voices is important. Alongside using these in the creative development process, we hope to use extracts from them in the performance, and snippets of them even feature on our website. Help to join and expand this conversation by submitting your own response.

Here's how:

The survey requires you to have a voice recorder (readily available on smartphones and tablets) and consists of 7 questions which ask you to reflect upon the four different elements. Note: it is useful to have these questions up on a different screen, or else have the voice recorder running on your device while you go on the survey link (you may want to check this works first).

Participants have found reflecting on the elements to be a richly rewarding activity: how do the elements feature in your life? how do they feature in stories? how do you feel connected to them? what power do they have over us, and do we have over them?

Now, more than ever, we have time and headspace to reflect upon these relationships and dig for a deeper understanding of things we usually take for granted. We would love to hear these thoughts!

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